Air Actuating System (For retrofit)


Complete Air Actuation System. Kit includes heavy duty air cylinder, dash mounted switch, quick connectors, 1/4″OD tubing.

Kit designed for retrofit of OX Locker (do not order with new locker)

Our air system does not pressurize your axle housing, compromising your axle and pinion seals.

Air source not included

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Air Shift System

  • Easy clean cabin friendly installation with no setup adjustments.
  • Standard system uses no electric for a higher level of dependability.
  • Constructed of all corrosion resistant materials.
  • Shift on the fly (no need to stop).
  • Compatible with mechanical lock up tool as backup shift mechanism should your shifting system fail or become damaged.
  • Most economical when used for front and rear installations.
  • No rotating air seals that are a common point of failure in other systems.
  • Air compressors can be used for other purposes (tires etc.).
  • Option available for electrical switch operation.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in