Cable Length Guide

This chart is a general guide for installs with the shifter mounted on the driver side transmission hump area.

Cable lengths will vary with lift kits, long arm kits, and custom shifter location.

Custom installation lengths can be achieved by routing a flexable as intended, then lay out straight and measure.

Avoid bends less than 5" radius and routing cable near any hot areas, ensure enough cable for suspension flex,

Electric shift systems typically use 36" rear and 48" front cables, jump to the next size up for high lift & flex vehicles.

NOTE: Proper cable routing is the key to unlimited trouble free operation. Poor cable routing and protection are the causes for almost all manual shifting system troubles.

Vehicle model Cable length (up to 4" lift) Cable length (over 4" up to 8" lift)
Jeep Wrangler Front Installs (TJ, YJ, JK, JL, CJ) 78" Cable (46001-78) 84" Cable (46001-84)
Jeep Wrangler Rear Installs (TJ, YJ, JK, JL, CJ) 70" Cable (46001-70) 78" Cable (46001-78)
Jeep Unlimited (4-door) Rear Installs (LJ, JK, JL) 90" Cable (46001-70) 96" Cable (46001-78)
Cherokee Front Install (XJ) 84" Cable (46001-84) 90" Cable (46001-90)
Cherokee Rear Install (XJ) 87" Cable (46001-87) 90" Cable (46001-90)
Jeep Gladiator Front Install (JT) 78” Cable (46001-78) 84” Cable (46001-84)
Jeep Gladiator Rear Install (JT) 112” Cable (46001-112) 125” Cable (46001-125)
Wagoneer Front Install (XJ) 84" Cable (46001-84) 90" Cable (46001-90)
Ford Bronco up to 1977 84" Cable (46001-84) 87" Cable (46001-87)
Ford Bronco 1978 & Up 87" Cable (46001-87) 90" Cable (46001-90)