Will an OX locker affect my vehicles drivability on the street?

No, that’s the beauty of a selectable locker, when unlocked your vehicle will act just like it did from the factory.


Can I shift the OX locker while in motion?

Yes, as long as you are not experiencing wheel spin it is ok to engage the OX locker at any speed, we recommend for your safety you not engage the locker above 150 MPH


Can I install an OX Locker myself?

Our Instructions are pretty clear, and where always here to help with your questions. With that in mind replacing any differential is a task that requires some technical skill and precision. If you are not used to working with small tolerances, don't own a torque wrench, and are not familiar with the terms like backlash and bearing preload, you may want to seek professional help with your installation.


What kind of gear oil should I use with the OX Locker?

OX lockers are designed to operate with those lubricants recommended by the vehicle/axle manufacturer. No special lubricant is needed. For very cold weather applications, use the lightest oil the axle manufacturer will allow to overcome possible sluggish operation.


How do I care for my OX Locker?

The OX locker is easy to care for, we recommend oil changes be done by axle manufactures recommendations at minimum. If used in harsh environments such as sand, water or mud, oil changes should be done more often. The OX Locker should be operated at least every 60 days to ensure it is in good working condition and to exercise cable and moving components.


Does the OX locker require a break-in?

No, the OX locker requires no break in. It is however recommended to drive over something big shortly after installation, just because it makes you feel better.


Does the OX locker use stock bearings?

Yes, with the exception of Super Series OX lockers with larger than stock spline axles, the OX locker uses stock size bearings. More information can be found under the Support tab in the Cable & Bearing Guide


Can I switch between shifting systems on the OX Locker?

Yes, the OX Locker is designed to be able to use or switch between our Air, Electric or Manual shifting systems


What pressure range does the air shift system operate on?

The normal pressure operating range is 80-120 PSI with the optimum pressure being 85 PSI


Can I get replacement parts for the OX Locker?

Yes, in the unlikely event that you "misplace" any parts all the individual parts of an OX locker are available in our online store


Can I run OX U-Joints on the street?

OX U-Joints are designed for extreme duty. This tends to be at the expense of life span with comparison to a conventional U-joint. OX U-joints are not recommended for daily use without unlocking hubs.


Can my OX differential cover be modified to an integrated air shift cover?

Yes, most likely we can modify your old/original OX differential cover to an integrated air shift cover. Contact us for details.


What is the warranty on OX Lockers?

OX lockers come with a standard one year warranty. If you have any issues after your warranty has expired it is recommended you contact us, we believe, a properly cared for OX locker should be trouble free as long as you own it.